Who is LJ Hooker Assist?

LJ Hooker Assist is a free moving home service. If you’re moving home - LJ Hooker Assist is an easy to use service that helps you find suppliers in your area and arrange services all at once. This service extends to connections for: electricity, gas, internet, phone, pay TV, and much more. With over 10 years' experience we know what we are doing - saving home movers time and providing a stress free home moving experience.

Why use LJ Hooker Assist?

  • We’re a free service

    Our service is free to use so you can get all the benefits of connecting and arranging your services in the one place without any cost. Some service providers will charge standard connection fees.

  • Arrange several services in the one spot saving you time
    • Electricity, gas, internet, phone, and Pay TV services
    • Get access to discounted car, truck and van hire or removalists
    • Quotes for cleaning & handyman services

    If you were to arrange your home move all by yourself, you would need to spend a lot of time making phone calls, sitting on hold, and repeating the same information over and over again. Why put yourself through that? We work with some of Australia’s leading service providers to help take the stress out of moving for you.

  • We’ll contact you within one business day

    No need to wait around for calls back from each supplier. With LJ Hooker Assist we will contact you within one business day of receiving your online application or application form from your Real Estate Agent.

  • Our service guarantee for electricity connections

    If your electricity is not connected by the agreed connection date LJ Hooker Assist will arrange suitable accommodation and cover reasonable out-of-pocket expenses providing that it was LJ Hooker Assist’s error that caused the inconvenience. If a supplier error is the cause of the non-connection, LJ Hooker Assist will work with you to seek appropriate remedial actions.

LJ Hooker Assist is a free service for consumers. However, to be able to offer a free service LJ Hooker Assist has entered into agreements with several suppliers. Under some of these agreements, LJ Hooker Assist is entitled to receive a small commission when a consumer takes up the service using our website or call centre.

Not all possible providers of energy, telco and other relevant home services participate in the LJ Hooker Assist panel. When arranging connections, providing advice and recommendations to consumers, LJ Hooker Assist only has scope to refer those providers on its panel who offer relevant services in the customer’s location (and not any other service providers). While the LJ Hooker Assist service is FREE, standard service provider connection fees and charges still apply.

You pay no extra charges as a result of using the LJ Hooker Assist service.

Services We Connect